Comanche (2014)

The hot new Sydney-Hobart IRC supermaxi from French designers Marc Van Peteghem, Vincent Lauriot-Prévost, Guillaume Verdier and builders Hodgdon Yachts in Maine.
All photographs courtesy of © Onne van der Wal
particulars of ship, from the Verdier office:
Date of launch: September 27th, 2014
LOA: 30.48m
Beam: 8.00m
Air draught: 47.00m
Upwind sail area: 760sqm
Downwind sail area: 1,100sqm
Weight: approximately 30 metric tonnes
The appendages shown in the launch photographs shot by George Bekris are not yet final, but the canting keel has been described (not disclosed) as a whopping 6.80m draught (the same as Wild Thing). Comanche's rating has not yet been published, and it is unlikely to be until the crew tests and decides upon the appendage package to fit to the yacht for the Sydney-Hobart race in December. While she was in build she was described as a 100ft-scale-up of François Gabart's open 60ft MACIF, but all I can read from the lines and shots is that VPLP & Verdier have stepped out of their usual lines for the IMOCA circuit and drawn a large Volvo 70. Hopefully better observers than I will also comment.

The names of Native American tribes were commonly given to yachts in the 1880s-1890s, so it was very easy to find one for Comanche, here is a shot by John S. Johnston from the Library of Congress, and beautifully lit up by Mark Krasnow.
Mr. Krasnow annotated: L: 98 B: 23 D: 12 Mather & Wood - Pt. Jefferson 1891 - for W.D. Bishop Jr. - Port: Bridgeport, CT - Club: NY
(from other sources I understand that she was an 1881 Capt. Philip R. Ellsworth design, formerly Æola). Two large sailing yachts 120+ years apart.

A century of film...

...the British Pathé films starting with Sir Thomas Lipton's Shamrock (IYRU 23mR, 1908) and Shamrock IV (75ft Universal Rule, 1914) America's Cup challenger trials in 1914 and ordered chronologically all the way to the building of the superyacht Fleurtje in 1960.

What is it?

Artist unknown, location/date unknown, subject unknown. (sold at a Bonhams auction in 2010) - What is it?

here is what I make out:
spoon bow and vertical sail panels: 1892-1899
candidates with large, black hulls: Calluna , Britannia, Valkyrie (1893), Ailsa (1895) or Meteor I (1896)
(I ruled out Navahoe and Satanita (1893) because their bow shapes donot seem to match closely)

UPDATE: Theo Rye has identified the yacht as the Herreshoff sloop Navahoe, read his comment below.
UPDATE:The photograph was shot in 1905 by Frank William Beken.