Rambler 100

Sometimes, modern boats will deserve some credit on this blog, even monohulls!
Meet Rambler 100.
She is a 30m IRC supermaxi which was designed by Juan Kouyoumdjian in 2007, built by Cookson's shipyard, NZ, and launched as Speedboat. Under this name, she had barely taken part or even won anything that met expectations. But her new owner George David, who had previously acquired Neville Crichton's Alfa Romeo I (a 27m John Reichel/Jim Pugh yacht built at McConaghy's, NZ, which was in turn rechristened Rambler) has given her a new chance. He is fielding her in next month's Fastnet race and she is gradually taking her place as the World's fastest offshore racing monohull: She is believed to be capable of speeds up to 47kt! Naval architect François Chevalier has published an article on Rambler 100 in French magazine Voiles & Voiliers which includes the high resolution lines given below. Please note that all diagrams, deck layouts, even charts published on that magazine are exclusively from him. Merci François. Enjoy!
sailplan, body plan, sheer plan, half-breadth plan and deck layout of Rambler 100 in her 2011 configuration, drafts courtesy © François Chevalier
design: Juan Kouyoumdjian
builder: Cookson Boats (Auckland, NZ)
launch: April 17th, 2008
Length Over All: 30 metres
beam: 7 metres
draught: 5.70 metres
bridge clearance: 46.50 metres
upwind sailplan: 630 square metres
downwind sailplan: 1,340 square metres
bowsprit: 3.60 metres
displacement: 30.60 metric tonnes
ballast: 15 metric tonnes
ballast tanks: 8,000 litres

The Cookson Boats shipyard's video footage of the build and launch of Speedboat is available here. RTÉ's documentary Mayday at the Fastnet Rock, with complete footage concerning Rambler 100's keel unhinging, spectacular capsize and the subsequent search and rescue is available here.
Rambler 100 in the 2011 Voiles de Saint Barth
photograph courtesy of © Christophe Jouany
Rambler 100 in the 2011 Voiles de Saint Barth
photograph courtesy of © Christophe Jouany
Rambler 100 winning line honours in the 2011 Newport to Cape Lizard Transatlantic Race
photograph courtesy of © Mark Lloyd
Rambler 100 capsized in the 2011 Fastnet race
photograph courtesy of © Carlo Borlenghi

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