What is it?

Artist unknown, location/date unknown, subject unknown. (sold at a Bonhams auction in 2010) - What is it?

here is what I make out:
spoon bow and vertical sail panels: 1892-1899
candidates with large, black hulls: Calluna , Britannia, Valkyrie (1893), Ailsa (1895) or Meteor I (1896)
(I ruled out Navahoe and Satanita (1893) because their bow shapes donot seem to match closely)

UPDATE: Theo Rye has identified the yacht as the Herreshoff sloop Navahoe, read his comment below.
UPDATE:The photograph was shot in 1905 by Frank William Beken.


Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure this is Navahoe, actually; there are a lot of details of the rig which match and are unusual in British boats of the period (double intermediate shrouds, doubled cap shrouds below the spreaders), plus a very long martingale. The flag matches, too. Have a look at the photo of her on page 195 of G L Watson, The Art & Science of Yacht Design by Martin Black.

Donan Raven said...

Thank you Mr. Rye for your fine points of observation, I had completely overlooked the rig. Looking at the Library of Congress photographs of the Navahoe, it does look like a positive id!

Library of Congress - Navahoe
Library of Congress - Navahoe & Emerald